Cambiar discos a My Cloud Mirror

Tengo un My Cloud Mirror parado desde hace mucho tiempo. Tenía dos discos de 2Tb que fallaron en su día, ahora esta vacio, sin discos.
Quería saber si es posible ponerlo en funcionamiento con dos discos nuevos de 8Tb (tiene alguna limitacion de capacidad de discos?) y si podría poner los 2 discos en RAID 0.



Please refer to the below-mentioned link to check the Hard Drive compatibility list

OK, as I understand, I can use WD80EFZX 8TB hard Drives.
One more question, can i mount them in RAID0?

I have the WDBZVM0040JWT with 4TB capacity. Being MC Mirror (two drives in RAID1), i understand it should be two 4TB drives ( that’s what I understood when I bought it, but when I removed both drives, I realized there were two 2TB drives. I didn´t know if I misunderstood specifications, but I see, I was deceived by someone.


Please Logan and Gari, could you confirm me if the upgrade of the WDBZVM0040JWT unit to 2x4TB with two WD40EFRX drives is possible? Can I change first one drive, copy the data from the actual 2TB and then change the other one or have I to change both drives at the same time? Am I going to need other configuration changes?