Cable Length Woes - Micro B That Works With WD Hard Drive?

Cable Length Woes - Impossible To Get 2m/3m USB To Micro B Cable To Work With WD Hard Drive?

I have a Western Digital Elements 2 TB External Desktop Hard Drive (USB 2.0) The cable that comes with it ridiculously short - maybe just over 1m.

This needs a USB To Micro B Cable but I have bought 3 different ones which have failed to work from various sources and brands? I tried a couple of 2m ones & 3m but none of them will allow the HD to show up in OSX - It’s as if I haven’t plugged anything in?

Why can’t I find a cable that will work with it? Can anyone recommend me a cable that will definitely work that is 3m (or at least 2m)?

Really frustrating on an otherwise decent drive.

Does your drive uses a power supply? If it its powered by USB only a long cable cannot be used, since the drive will not be fully powered up.  If it has a power supply a long cable may work , as long as is plugged in directly to the computer and not to a USB hub.

Yes it has a power supply but somehow still won’t allow it.