Buzzing & vibrating MyBook 4tb

I bought the above refurbished drive from the WD Store in mid/lateJuly. It was to be used to increase my backup capacity.
When I first plugged it in the drive was very noisy and vibrated a lot more than I am used to ( I have at least 6 other MyBook/WD Elements drives the majority of which were bought as refurbished and they are all silent in use after spin up)
When it is stood on my wooden desk top the whole surface of the desk vibrates. The drive appears to work ok but I am loath to put any data on it in case there is a fault and it suddenly dies.

I have been in touch with the support desk but their response just informed me that disc drives do make a noise when they are reading/writing - which I am well aware of after 40 years experience in the IT business.
I then sent them 2 short 480p video files to illustrate the problem -
one of the problem drive starting up
and a similar video of one of my other drives which by comparison is silent while powered up.

They say they haven’t received the files and can only accept attachments in .jpg format so that excludes any video formats.

Any suggestions about demonstrating the problem to support or has anyone else had a drive with a similar problem?


Upload your video/audio file to a file sharing service.