Buying a "My Cloud" .. questions


Does the read/write speed of the My Cloud make it a decent replacement for a desktop hard disk? i.e can I use it as my primary data storage for everything home and work related? Or is it as slow as the My Book and intended primarily for backups?

Will it handle my 2TB RAID “My Book” plugged into the USB port as a backup? The My Book software has prevented me mounting it to the XBox before.  

Many thanks

… why on earth doesn’t WD have a sales team to answer these questions?! 

yes the speeds are high.

what model of MyBook are you wanting to attach via USB?  The MyBook Live and MyBook World Editions cannot be mounted to the MyCloud via USB. 

I would read through the forum a bit. Some users are moaning about the speed.

I assume that you have USB connected mybook. If so a network drive is not going to be as fast. You can connect the mybook to USB port on the mycloud but you can only connect at the speed of your network.

You do realise that the mycloud is a network drive?

Actually, if its usb2 then it’ll be slower than the my cloud on the gig lan connection.  If the my cloud is on a gig lan, then speeds should be fine. Wireless, then it’ll depend on your connection speed