Bunch of WDLiveTV questions


I have some questions about on the WDLiveTV

  1. I have loaded some DVD’s .mkv format using DVDFab, when I look at the NAS drive MYBookDUO it shows the movie folder with the movie file. When I look at the WDLiveTV, I can see the movie in the All Files option but it shows me 1, 2 or 3 entries for each file with RIP in the title. But if I look at the Album option I just see the folder and one entry. in all cases the file plays fine, any ideas.

  2. Genre information, I am running all this on a mac and I have tried a number of  different tools to get the media data and have not found any that work, I tried WD to get the steps to get the steps to capture the media information individually but those steps did not work. What I am looking for is how do I get the media information for a DVD, what is the file name that the media information goes in and whether I can just build a file for myself, I have all the data for my collection store CKZ Movie Collector and can extract that, again any ideas.

Any pointers would be really great, thanks


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Have you tried with a different software to rip the files?  if not, you can try that to eliminate possible causes of the issue

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Just guessing here but is it something to do with putting the device on the PC and deleting the “_wdtv” file?

I had 3 repeats on file names (4 if you count the original).  Did the delete and all is well now   :smiley:

Thanks Guys,

looks like I have resolved the 3 copies issue, seems like I was wrong with the number of files copied, so that is ok, just need to be able to get the Genre dat sorted now if anybody knows.