Building RAID array with WD30EFRX - idle3 timer settings


I’m trying to set up a RAID6 md array on fedora22 using four WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 disks and would like to make sure I’ve tuned the disks for best performance and lifetime.

I’m interested in any tips for tuning these drives. I was reading the thread located here regarding the idle3 timer:

It seems to indicate the idle3 timer should be tuned to a 300s value to decrease the number of times the head is parked, considering the drive will be used in a NAS setting and infrequently idle.

It looks like it’s now possible to disable the timer completely, and wondered if people thought that was a better option?

Do you have any other tuning or performance tips I should know about for this drive running on Linux?

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I haven’t personally try this. 

Let’s see if any of the users have tried this and can share some information about this.

It’s been a couple of days and there hasn’t been any responses. Thought I’d follow up and see if anyone has any ideas?

Anyone from WD online?

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