Bug: Widescreen videos on 4:3 television not letterboxing

I might be the only person on the planet running a WDTV Live on a 4:3 CRT television but there you go :smiley:

Anyway, there is a bug in the current firmware that no matter whether you choose Widescreen or Normal, any widescreen video plays on the television in a filled or zoomed mode. ie. not in letterbox format.

Hope they fix that in the next release (along with the Windows 7 networking issues)

Greetings from Australia!


You r not alone buddy. I m also using a projector having this aspect ratio 4:3 and getting same result. I hope they will reply and fix this issue.

LCD technology is still not up to par…I have yet to see any LCD beat a CRT in terms of color accuracy, gamuts and other factors.  Using a professional series CRT monitor and very happy with the results of the WDLive - I wasn’t with the initial firmware that came with it but when I updated all the image quality problems I was having vanished.

I haven’t tried the latest beta firmware, and ahve not noticed any problems with 4:3 and 16:9…

I still notice that WD is very deficient when dealing with support or fixing issues though, it’s a shame…

You are not the only person who is running WD TV live  on CRT …it works absolutly fine …with 0.9x zoom

chek out the VIDEO …


Hey, you’re not alone.  I bought the WDTV specifically because of its composite output.  I’ve connected it to a 29 inch CRT and set the aspect ration to Normal (4:3).

I don’t seem to have the issue you’re facing.  The videos I’m playing appear in wide format on the screen.   However I have noticed that the text in the WDTV menus appear fuzzy.   I see this only for the text in the menus.  Other text like subtitles appear fine.

I’m using the WDTV Live HD with the original firmware 1.01.00.