Bug reporting & a recomendation

Reporting a Bug

I’M assuming that the following issue is also a problem with Photos & Files but I first found the proglem within the videos section of my WD TV Live. If you select videos and it can’t find the source or doesn’t see it because you’ve removed that source since last designating as such it throws up an error. The problem is this error is so persistant that you can get off the screen. Everytime you click Videos the error comes up and it’s so dominating that you do not even have the opertunity to select “change source” at the top right of the screen. This usually resulst in me pressing multiple buttons the the remote for 5-10 minutes before finally getting out.

Suggestion for the sortying of the displayed items.

I have noticed that the WD TV Live could have a better sorting system. I know that computers typacly sort with number first. But in this case it’s  a little agrevating. For instance. The movies Home Alone & Home Alone 2 are sorted in the list as Home Alone 2, then Home Alone, foring me to rename Home Alone to Home Alone 1. It would also be nice if when sorting it would use the name of the video(s) without consideration to the staring words “The, A, An”. Now I have all the movies starting with “The” stacked one ontop of another. Looks Kinda Stupid. If the movie title is “The Number 23”, then the movies should be sorted by the letter “N”, not “T”.

Where are my Chapters?

I rip most of my movies as .mkv files, when played back on my computer through VLC media player everything is fine, the movies have chapters. But when I play them back from my external HD on my WD TV Live there are no chapters, when I click forward on the remote it goes to the next movie, not the next chapter.

Speaking of Digital Movie Files

Is there a good online store where we can buy and downoad the movies files right to our computes then place them on our external HDs rather than having to buy the DVDs, rip them, then move them to our HDs? When you downoad movies from Vudu they are hidden files with strange names so you can’t find them and who knows what format they’re in. When you buy & download movies from CinemaNow they are sometimes in WMV with my WD TV Live wouldn’t play.

If you get the error, just press the OK button and select a different content source.   That’s not a bug.

Chapters for MP4 / M4V / MKV are in the OPTIONS menu during playback.

There are plenty of services on the WDTV to buy and download movies.

CinemaNow movies must be donwloaded  BY the WDTV.

Thanks. But the error I’M talking about pressing OK doesn’t work. It is a bug. Most problems pressing OK can get you out of the this particular one nothing seems to wrok. I wold try and replicate the error so I could post exactly what is says and exactly what causes it be every time it happens I takes me forever to get out of.