Bug / Problem with Dual USB Drive enclosure

1st i’m a little frustraited with this forum software i typed a nice detailed descriptive post and the forum ate it on the preview. (next time i’ll save it to the clip board or in a text file first)

The WDTV Live Hub has a problem recognizing ’ BOTH’ drives on dual hard drive enclosures, i’ve searched through the forums and see that this is a common problem. When i connect the enclosure it only recognizes the first drive; no matter how i set up the enclosure: Jbod, Big, Raid 0, Raid 1, etc. (The unit has a built in Raid Controler / Function)

I wanted to inform WD that my $69.00 Argosy HV335T does not have this limitation, it will recognize both drives from the enclosure which is a (S352U2RER eSATA USB Dual SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure) i’m actually quite surprised that my cheap / no name / generic set top can accomplish this function but my WDTV Live Hub cannot …

As mentioned i’ve had successful tests and results in my own home lab, so i know its very possible to resolve this issue! :wink: As you well know the more stuff that works the way it should, the happier customers are, the more popularity increases, the more sales are yeilded, and untimately the less net returns you have with your product(s)

Please look into this matter. Thank you.

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It is working as designed.   Your Dual HD enclosure is presenting TWO HDs to the WD.  Basically it is acting as little more than a USB Hub.  And USB Hubs aren’t supported.

Your ARGOSY is presenting a SINGLE drive instance, which is, of course, supported.

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Appreciate the reply. (With all due respect your responce is somewhat vague - or you haven’t completely understood my post and the problem)

Why aren’t usb hubs supported? - OK skip past that question - regardless, as your likely aware the homebrew firmware for the WDTV resolves this exact problem, (with the little brother of product with out the internal storage) so it is something that can be resolved via firmware AFAIK. Obviously there will be no homebrew for the WDTV Live Hub because of online services encryption etc.

Bottom line the cheap / off brand / low cost generic ARGOSY sees 2 physical drives, the WDTV Live hub does not … - i’d like to see WD correct / resolve this with their firmware in the same manner that B-Rad’s firmware fixes it for the WDTV.

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You may be lucky.


Thanks for your feedback. USB Hub support is something we are investigating of supporting.

richUK …

Thank you kindly.

That is very good news and would be quite useful and in my honest humble opinion an important feature / enhancement.

I’ll cross link the posts and reply to that post as well.