Bug in parsing mp4 metadata

An mp4 container may contain metadata. WDTV Live incorrectly identifies certain metadata (e.g. the chapters created by Handbrake and others) as subtitles and attempts to display them when the video is played. This results in garbage such as “Chapter 16” being displayed when a video is first played. It can of course be cured by turning off subtitles…but if you could possibly see to adding this irritating little bug to your list for future attention, this wonderful device would be even better.


I am not sure it is a bug. I don’t believe there is an actual standard for chapters in MP4 so it might be difficult to implement.

The bug is in incorrectly assuming that a text stream in an mp4 container must be a subtitle. The code needs to check to see if  text metadata is subtitle information, and if not simply ignore it. It’s not necessary to support chapter infromation (though programs such as VLC do) or any other stored metadata. Simply ignore it if it isn’t genuine subtitle data.