Bug in display mode detecting

My projector is 1080p 60hz, By last release version WDTV live can detect properly.

But the new beta version some time detect 720p or 1080p 50hz.

indexdb:    WHICH last release?   The production 1.02.21, or the Pre_Release 1.03.24?

Release 1.02.21 is ok, prerelease version has bug.

Ok, that’s good.  :)  WD has indicated that there’s a known issue in the HDCP stack with the Pre_Release for the Live, and the current Production Version for the Live+ (which are the same stack.) 

The HDMI bug was introduced due to the new HDMI stack in the new Sigma SDK required to support DVD Nav.

Crossing Fingers that a new firmware will correct this bug, too.  No official statement as to when it will come out, but I’m guessing It should be available in a few weeks.