BUG? Folder.jpg and fileName.jpg visible in video

Hi all,

I remember in one of last stable firmware was solved the issue of folder.jpg and fileName.jpg files visible in Video section.

It is right?

Because it was never solved form me.

I still see them when browsing my video files.

It is easy for the folder.jpg file (it is only a file) but it is a complete mess for fileName.jpg files, I have to look at file extension to understand if it is a jpg or a video.

Could someone please confirm if it is a bug not solved or it is only my problem?


Firmware: 1.02.21

Little update:

i read in 1.02.21 release notes

Resolved Cover-Art issue with folder.jpg & file.jpeg

So it SHOULD’D be solved but it isn’t for me.

Not solved to me also ! 

No, that was not fixed, and probably never will be.

The issue mentioned in the Release Notes was a different issue.

Which is the solved bug?

Why the bug I mentioned was not solved? It is SEVERE and very EASY to solve.

e.g. If( VideoMode == true && FileExtension == “jpg”)  HideIt

Why the bug I mentioned was not solved? It is SEVERE and very EASY to solve.

This has been discussed at length already in countless, dozens of threads.   Not going to rehash.   Go search.

This is a nasty bug. A big nono for mediacenter aplications and mediaplayers. This bug forced me to use the wdlxtv firmware with a smb mounted share to get rid of the irritating double thumbnails.

Fix this or you will be haunted by users over and over again :slight_smile:

I agree.

It is a stupid and irritating bug