BUG: Can't change Description

When i try to change the defaul Description of the deviceunder System > General (dashboard) it changes back to the default after i reload the page.

What i do:

  1. I log into the dashboard.

  2. I go to Settings > General

  3. I change the default description (My Book Live Network Storrage) to something like “My Nas”

  4. I confirm by pressing the Save button.

When i leave the dashboard and go back to the dashboard the default name is back.

Try without a space in the name.

No, that doesn’t work neither.

I can reproduce this, too.

Just as OP described. 

Yes - verified bug. You can get around this by changing the device name at the same time.

This will be fixed in the next software update.

Yep, noticed this on day one when I got my MBL but it’s only a description so the lowest of priorities.

When is the next update due and also, like an event where Samsung smart phones got bricked by a Windows Mobile OS update, I hope WD’s update to the MBL does not brick the N.A.S.

Scheduled for late this month (if all things hold well).

Pretty major update. We do our best to major sure that no bricking occurs. There are two copies of the firmware located on the drive to prevent this.

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Now I should be immune to the issue I’ll describe not because the alteriations I’ve done to configuration files are ever so slight and did keep copies of the originals.

With people who have made significant changes to programs and installed these so called “feature packs”. Could an official update cause problems there?

All I’ve really done to mine is prevent vsftpd presenting the Public folder to people to log-in by FTP and for network sharing the Public share was made read-only.  The Dashboard does not allow this but a simple edit of /etc/samba/overall_share allowed Public to be read-only.

This update should at least allow, through the Dashboard, making he Public folder accessible to all or only-read only to all and allow the Public folder access to be easily allowed or denied using the Dashboard.

Ya see…  Right now any created share can be a public or private share so why is there a need for a mandatory Public share?  (That has always puzzled me.)

As to two copies of the firmware…   My advise to people is to turn off the automatic update and reboot the MyBook Live before manually initiating a firmware check.  I seen a message appear just now and again stating that md0 has been stopped.  Also, hope this update fixes the MBL’s inability (seems like it) to perform a check of the file system after so many OS start-ups or so many power-on hours.  :wink:

No guarantees here. As you know, we don’t officially support any udpates or modifications to our firmware. You had best make backups and change everything back to original when the update comes out. There are some pretty significant internal changes with this update.

I haven’t updated to the most recent firmware, simply because when I did a firmware update out of the box it hung on the white light at the very end for hours and hours, and I had to just pull the plug and reboot and hoped it worked.  Others have had that problem too.  so i hope that issue has been corrected.

Do you have a list of changes?  Just to pre-warn us what’s foinf ro be changed and…  Is SSH access to the Linux shell still allowed this this major update?

Too long to to list :slight_smile:

You’ll have to wait a few more weeks for details. No changes to SSH.

Cool. The SSH access has been really useful. For example… Resurrecting Twonky without the need for a quick or full factory restore.  Another one was the ability to restrict access to to the mandatory (Why mandatory?) Public folder via. FTP and Samba.

We fixed several issues with Twonky.

You don’t have to use the Public directory. You can make your own and just leave that empty. Most people find it pretty handy to use, and our Mobile Apps depend on it being there.

What I primarally wanted to do is deny access to Public when accessed from the FTP server. This was achieved by a simple addition to vsftp.conf.  Also a very simple change to overall_share to make the Public folder read-only on the Samba Server.

Point is, for me, I don’t have a need for the mobile apps that WDC offer and security is more important.  The Public folder can be written and read from my anyone and that is my bigest issue.  To allow me to choose if the Public folder is read/write or read-only.

Hwe WDC seems to have assumed that I will want to use the Mobile Apps.  I don’t.  The most that I use is the FTP server to allow me to send and get files to the MyBook Live without involving MioNet and also so my phone can do the same but my phone can’t ise MioNNet so I have to use the FTP server.

Just trying to give some feedback. It’s not a personal attack on anyone.  :slight_smile:

No worries!

Glad that you can modify it to suit your needs. I am thinking about allowing a user to set read/write privledges for Public. Will keep it in mind as we move forward.

So one of the changes coming up is a revamp of the remote access. We will be moving away from Mionet.


I think one issue with Mionet and all the other third parties is security. With the high profile system hacks where systems were compromised and databases of user names, passwords and other person details were taken gets me to ask the question of how much do I trust a thirdparty to provide remote access to the files on my network drive and I thin many other people may be thinking the same.

VSFTP seems to be a good choice of FTP server.  I now remember I tweaked that so if a wrong username and/or password is provided then ithere is a delay of 30 seconds before the FTP server sends the message that the login was denied. A subttle but effective security feature.  Turned on my default but I added the line to turn that on.

Thank-you for considering the option to allow the owner to allow full or read-only access to the Public folder/share on the Samba server and FTP server.  :slight_smile: