BT Hub 5 Connection

I have just brought a My Cloud EX series and on initial set up the drive LED lights stay red, and the device is shown as offline on the My cloud web site, I have not been able to progress to the dashboard.

I am connected directly into a BT hub 5 and the lights on the port are green, with the top one flashing Does anyone have a simple guide to identify what I need to change on the Hub to enable me to the the drive on line

I am connecting using a Mac

Red LED’s indicate a connectivity issue or a hardware failure. Do you get this issue when the unit is connected to a different router?

Hi Salvatore,

Check out the guides at In there it suggests connecting to http://wdmycloudex4100.local/ for a new NAS from a Mac PC (for an EX4100 anyways). It may be worth trying to connect directly into the NAS if you can rather then going through the hub, to rule out any issues that there might be there.

I think when the unit has not been initialized and no volumes created on it, then the lights will come up as red. Once a volume has been configured they should change to blue.

So maybe do the initial setup direct connected and then once that is done, reconnect back into the hub and see if it works then.

I can’t imagine there would be anything to configure on the hub as these are generally not configurable. If it was a switch it might be different.



Thanks for reaching out, but I returned the unit call me old fashioned but I believe that if you pay good money for something it should work out of the box. Very disappointed with the product.

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