BSOD after WD Smartware installation


My PC is running under Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bits SP2

I’m using a My Passport Essential 500G  WDBACY5000ABL since early  january 2011.

As it worked fine as external memory, I  installed WD smartware  last monday (oct 31st ).

It requested to reboot to take it into account.

I got a BSOD during boot. Since that I could not get Windows up and running.

I checked memory (12 hours memtest86) : no problem.

I can run Ubuntu from a live CD on the PC : I assume no hardware issue on the PC.

I have just 

  1. downloaded and run WDFirmwareUpdater.exe
  2. dowloaded and installed WDSmartWare_Software_Upgrader_for_Windows_1.5.1.6.

How can I deactivate the installed components in order to enable a stable boot under Vista ?

Even safe mode boot leads to a BSOD.

Windows repair from the original DVD does not fix the issue.

No windows system restore point is available :angry: (myfault : I did not activate it on my system disk)

The only available tool is : boot under Ubuntu. Alla disks and partition are accessible.

I have a lot of installed programs :

MS office 2010


MS Flight Simulator X and a lot of add-ons

It tools for PC admin (partitioning, monitoring, health checking, security tools)

Photography utilities

Web Editing utilities

Reinstalling Windows would imply  reinstalling all that stuff (or not ?)

Many thaks for your suggestions.

Ouch, Have you try to boot up using the option load last good known configuration, this will ask you, to hit enter if you wish to load a program or application ( you can always hit no), this way you can see what is loading and what is crashing your computer.

Dude, if you can’t even boot on safe mode then this is bad… But as cornudou says can you try the last working configuration? And what if you try to use System Restore from the Vista installation DVD? It should be able to uninstall Smartware and any changes on its own.

Fall greetings from the Dude !  :robotmad:

Everything mentionned already tried or impossible (no rest. point).

I’ve 2 choices :

  • reinstall Vista over the actual install
  • remove (or rename) the installed files when running under Ubuntu, and then reboot under Vista.

I want trying first to cut out the installed files. Reinstallation will remain an option in case it does not fix the issue.

Therefore I only need to know the name of the installed files. I allready know the installation date.

Apologizes for my bad english and thanks for all help.

Kudos only in case of success

Btw I fully understand the word, but can you tell me from where it comes, how do you get from congrats to cudos

PhilDur wrote:

Kudos only in case of success

Btw I fully understand the word, but can you tell me from where it comes, how do you get from congrats to cudos


Origin: 1825–35; irregular transliteration of Greek kŷdos

Usage note In the 19th century, kudos1 entered English as a singular noun, a transliteration of a Greek singular noun kŷdos meaning “praise or renown.” It was at first used largely in academic circles, but it gained wider currency in the 1920s in journalistic use, particularly in headlines: Playwright receives kudos. Kudos given to track record breakers. Kudos is often used, as in these examples, in contexts that do not clearly indicate whether it is singular or plural; and because it ends in -s, the marker of regular plurals in English, kudos has come to be widely regarded and used as a plural noun meaning “accolades” rather than as a singular mass noun meaning “honor or glory.”