Browser Access to Unit

Hello all,

I just purchased a WD TV Live SMP and so far am really enjoying it. One thing I did come across that seems a little weird is the fact I cannot really do anything with the config of the unit via a browser. I would think I would be able to point it to my files, setup content info, etc via the browser but this does not seem possible.

Am I missing something?



Nope…  All configuration should be done via the SMP’s UI.   The Web is for Remote Control, some basic network setup, and theme installation.

That’s too bad. It would be ideal to have that kind of access via the web browser, since I cannot always flip to the SMP during the day while people are watching TV.

What do you want to do with your webbrowser without tv? The only thing that makes sense is to select and play music. And this is possible with UPnP. The SMP can also be a UPnP-Renderer. You can stream music to your SMP e.g. via Windows Media Player. No TV needed for this.