Broken USB port

I contacted the email support as my USB port breaking on my 3 year old product, I’m told I can buy a new one or have a repair shop fix it as they dont deal with broken hard drives, honestly people buy your product to keep files safe, and you cant help with that? I have every picture, music, movies, and resumes that I cant access now. I am beyond devastated and will get my local news problem solvers on your company as I looked up my problem and others have exprienced the same thing. 

Which drive is this? If it comes with Smartware it’s hardware encypted so fixing the USB or finding another board is about the only option. This explains a little about the boards  If the drive did not come with Smartware and has a standard SATA connector you might be able to connect as an internal drive or put it into a third party case. Sadly you just learned the importance of a backup. That is 2 copies on different drives or media. It doesn’t matter who makes the drive they can all fail internal or external.


all I can tell you is it was made in 2010, we bought it when we didnt have internet to keep our photos safe from the computer crashing, and now I have it tore apart and tried to fix it myself, since I got the ok from the company…but my solder I have didn’t work and I will prolly be having to spend money I dont have to get my memories back. I only will not recommend this company from the response I got back.