Broken RAW-Files (.nef) after transfering from iPad to MPW

hello everyone!
I’m having severe issues with many of my raw-files (.nef) after transfering them to the MPW from my iPad - it seems they are being downsized to pittiful 2308x1535 px (which is waaay too small)

i’ll start out with my workflow and give some more details afterwards - i really appreciate any pointers, advice, tips to how i can resolve the issue, or even just educated guesses WHY this could happen or AT WHAT POINT of the process the files get compressed.

in the last 2 years i’ve been successfully using the MyPassport Wireless as a back-up for my photos while traveling; The pictures are taken with a Nikon D700, transfered to an iPad via a card reader and then transfered to the MPW through the MyCloud-App on the tablet. I create a new folder on the MPW, select the images in question and upload them. so far so good.

the problem:
Last night i realized that the Raw-files are where i want them to be, BUT the file size went down to something inbetween 700kb to 1,5mb (from an initial 12,5 mb out of the camera); when I try opening the raw-files in photoshop (CS 5), the files in question cannot be opened because “the file type is not being supported.” (other, full sized, raw files open just fine.)
Oddly enough, the shrunk image files do show up in my Lightroom Catalogues. I can even load the files from Lightroom to Photoshop or edit them directly in LR.
When i then open the file size menu in CS5, the image size is 2308x1535px; 240dpi; (the way the camera is set the files should be 4256 x 2832 - other raw-files from the same vacation actually DO have the right size).

I know that the files initially have the right size once they have been transfered to the Ipad from the camera, as i edit them on the tablet using the VSCO app. The edited photos that i export from VSCO to my camera roll are then uploaded to the MPW using the same method i described in my workflow-section. They have the correct size. The “original” raw-file on the MPW however shrunk to the corrupted file size.

Has anyone heard of a similiar problem? any solutions?

in the meantime i’ll try to find out if the accessible raw-file is actually a resized raw-file or if is actually the embedded/hidden jpg-file that comes with the .nef;
----> even though the files are titled xxx.NEF, they behave like .jpg images in Lightroom;
----> this means that during the transfer via the MyCloud-App the actual RAW-image was lost, only transfering the embedded .jpg onto the My Passport Wireless External Drive

in case some of you with newer cameras have been wondering: no, the nikon d700 is not capable of using smallRaw or mediumRaw as an image size, the .nef are saved in the full resolution automatically

looking forward to your replies


one more thing:

i still have a few of the original .nef files on my iPad (unfortunately not all of them…)
here is one example: the file _DSC7702.NEF accessed on my MPW is shown to have a total file size of 1,1mb

here’s a screenshot

i just sent myself the initial file from my tablet via email, opened it to Photoshop CS5 on my computer.
the size of this file is correct! (screenshot from the camera raw module)

i think this points towards that it really is an issue that occurs somewhere after commanding the Upload through the MyCloud App - is there an option somewhere in the MyCloud Menu to reduce file sizes or something similiar?