Broken port in WDBABV0010BBK

Hi there, I have old WD 1TB Western Digital WDBABV0010BBK Elements SE Portable
device. We have our family photos. There is only one connection option and that is now broken.
I found few suggestions online but I am not a techie… Is there a compatible caddy or any other best option available to access my data? The current device is not encrypted

Many thanks.

Enclosures as they are called (or SATA/USB Adaptors) use a standard SATA connector … the WD Elements SE does Not use a standard SATA connector.

The USB connector is hard wired to the circuit board.

Any computer/electrical repair shops in your area ? … if it just the connector that’s broken, that’s a pretty simple repair which would only take a few minutes (with the right tools and experience)