Broken HDD, need help

Please help me with the product replacement proces, i can’t seem to understand the steps i need to follow i would appreciate some guidance. Thx! :smiley:

Hi you need to go here  . Then choose warranty check if the drive comes up ok then you need to choose Product Replacment (RMA) fill in your information and that will start the RMA process you will then be sent a RMA number to your email and then it is just package up the drive and ship it out.

I have a problem with the RMA. I cant register my HDD. I get a message telling me that the product is already registred. What do i do?

Hi if that is the case you would need to contact WD and get them to sort it. Also make sure you use the serial number off the drive not the box.

And how exactly do i contanct WD ? :neutral_face:

Hi go here  near the bottom you will see contact us support by country or product choose your country and that’s it.