Broken external drive


I would really appreciate some advice on my external drive.

I had a wd10tmvv (1tb) ext hdd. I dropped it, the light still came on but my mac could not find it. I sent it off to a local data recovery centre (Cambridgeshire, UK) and they said there is no possibility of getting anything off it. It had my entire iTunes library (approx 40K songs) on it, so a mixture of mp3, m4v files. Is it so easy to totally lose all files? After all you hear of people being caught for various misdermeanours from files that are still found.

Secondly, I had a back up on an older WD 250Gb ext Hdd but had wiped it using a simple cmd all: delete and then writing on new media files before giving to my father-in-law. Is it possible that in some small way those original music files might be still recoverable?

Sorry for a very basic question,

thanks in advance

It could be recoverable but is a matter of trial an error.

For future reference please keep copies of your files in more than one place.