Broken connector

The mini usb connector on my older version for the mybook seems broken. It’s loose. Is there any other way I can connect the external hard drive to my computer? I believe it also has firewire and esata but I’m not sure what cable to purchase.


Exactly what drive model you have? If you own one of the new model it won’t be possible due the drive encryption application. 

I had a similar problem that he USB connector was broken on my external 1TB My Book.  It was completly detached from the circuit board that had the power and usb.   I tried to have the hard drive installed as an internal drive at Best Buy.  That did not work because without the circuit board (that part  that had the USB connector) the data could not be read on the hard drive, even when installed internally.  It seems there is hardware enycryption that requires the circuit board from the external drive. 

I found another circuit board on eBay with the same numbering on it, and luckily it worked as a replacement.  It came from a seller in Hong Kong.  This would not be a big deal if I had better copies of my data and I will be more careful about making sure I don’t keep files in one place.  If that didn’t work for me  I would have had to use a data recovery service which would have been a lot more money $$$.