Broken 2tb usb port My Book

the connector cable from laptop to the actual external drive , the little insert on the actual drive came out

the port where you insert the usb cable to disconnected from the board itself

anyway to fix this ???

ive saved my data by connecting by ide to destop and transfered it

can i get a 3"5 sata encloser and just imput the drive into it ???

The same thing just happened to me.  I was just plugging in the USB cable to the back of the 2TB drive and the port where it connects snapped and fell inside the drive.  It was pretty much full and I’m going to freak out if it damaged the drive and I lost 2TB of my work (probably a year’s worth).  How were you able to recover the data with the USB port broken?

The same thing happened to me.  I sent a support request detailing the issue and included a picture.

Their reply was “Replacement Needed”  Well DUH…  I could figure out that much. 

Their response spoke nothing to the 35GB of data on the 'perfectly working" drive that now has a broken
USB connector and can no longer “talk” to my PC because of this.

This is so frustrating…

OKay… so this JUST happened a few seconds ago to the one right in front of me… does anyone know where you can get a replacement piece or where to send the hard drive to retrieve all my stuff?! 


i have the same issue and a probable solution. the hard drive is a SATA Hard Driv. if you hop on google and look for a sata to usb adapter. then you would have to take apart you hard drive and use the new adapter

SATA Hard Drive Enclosure is another thing to shop for…