Bridge two subnets for network shares?

I have a cable router out to the wan, into this I have a belkin wireless router with NAT set with a c class address 192.168.1.x. At the other end of the house in a bedroom I have a 2nd belkin router set as 192.168.2.x which plugs into the first belkin router (not the cable modem).

I have two WDTV Lives on the 192.168.1.x subnet and these share fine, I added a third WDTV in our bedroom on the 192.168.2.x subnet.

I tried adding the bedroom WDTV into the routers DMZ, I also tried adding a static route between  the two subnets but I can not see the WDTv from either side of the subnet.

Any ides on bridging the two subnets so the network shares can been seen and accessed, my last resort is setting it up as an access point but I really don’t want to do that



Any particular reason why you have to have two subnets?

Long story but I pay for 5 static ip’s from comcast, I keep the kids network, Xbox, ps3 etc on there own network. The house network on another, netflix, wdtv, blu ray etc . My home office on another. It keeps things isolated and safe, one network only has macs connected ( my home office)and another for windows. I do not let any windows machine on any other network.

Unfortunately, hat’s a limitation of Windows Networking…  All devices have to be on the same BROADCAST DOMAIN.  Not necessarily on the same subnet, but broadcasts much reach each other.

And the way WD implemented NFS, it’s the same…  they have to be able to see each other through RPC broadcasts.

Still don’t get why you have to be in the same workgroup with the SMP to see other PCs. With the LIVE that wasn’t necessary. Besides, workgroup is an invention of MS, noone else is using this, right?

Workgroups are a requirement if you’re using “Discovery.”   Any system which uses network discovery to find CIFS servers must be part of a workgroup.

Systems that allow the input of a direct URI don’t require workgroup membership.