Brand new WD2003FZEX says 0.0G after installing

I bought me a brand new WD2003FZEX today
i placed it in my pc and used Disk Management to initialize it
after i did this my windows 10 wont find the disk anymore
and my BIOS says its there bud it has only 0.0G where it was before 2000.0G

Hello there,

Try to write zeroes to the drive using Datalifeguard diagnostics, here is a link to download the software so you can try this:

Hope this helps.

thanks for the tip i will try this ones i get my pc working again. during the looking for the problem my windows has crashed beyond repair (some of the bootup files has gotten corrupted) im now waiting for an new windows install disk .
i guess thos could have been the issieu of this and if this dont fix the new hdd problem to i will try your solution