Brand new WD TV LIVE STREAMING media player hard locking when viewing MKV files from my 2TB Ext HD

I am connected via USB rear port. Latest firmware installed upon setup. I am using a brand new seagate ext HD. Nearly every movie that I watch hard locks at some stage during the movie. 5 mins in sometimes towards the end. Only way to reset is to unplug. What could be causing this issue? Should this be happening on a brand new unit with latest firmware?

Wow don’t all jump to help. This forum is about as good as its products. Fortunately I found the box and it on its way back to amazon for a full refund. Total garbage player.

Wow…someone lacks a bit of patience :neutral_face:

I’m sure if you wait someone will pop along with some help, I’d expect most people have been at work and not been sitting on here all day :wink:

It has been mentioned that USB 3.0 HDDs may not work properly out of the rear USB port. Not sure if that applies to your situation as you didn’t elaborate on your drive.