Brand new WD TV Live fails to boot

The power LED just flashes forever.  Just the WD logo on the screen.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Two questions:

    Do you have a disk attached to the USB ports?

    Is there a pattern to the flashing?  (Fast / Slow / Fast, etc?)

No drive attached.  The flashing is constant in its pattern, about 1 second per on/off cycle, maybe a bit less.  I also tried with and without the network cable attached.

I had another WD TV Live in the same environment, which I moved up to the bedroom, the old one works fine both before and after the move.  The new one is connected the same way as the old one, but won’t get past trying to boot up.

I believe the flashing power indicator (as opposed to the flashing USB indicator) can indicate a hardware fault during the POST.

It appears you may need to contact WD support about RMAing the device.

That’s what I was afraid of.