Brand new "My Passport" portable drive not recognize by PC

I just purchase WD My Passport, yesterday accidentally formatted so all software from package are missing, therefore I think it is not important, and able to copy some file without trouble.

Today when start to use suddenly it is not shown up on the explorer and it cannot be recognize, at WD quick view it recognize but it says no writable partition found, and I have check at the partition magic software it is recognize well.

I have make become 2 partition from 1T, all is NTSF format.


  • is that due to I’m not installing basic software which is include in the package, while purchase?

  • where can I download if that is due to that software

  • or is there any other reason


The drive works without software with no problem.

Make sure the partitions are correct.

You can repartition the drive if you want.

Go the following link for the downloads:

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