Brand new internal HD (WD10EVVS) and makes my pc freeze

So, I bought a brand new HD from newegg to build my pc and I got it in went to install windows and it crashed. I then put it into another pc that has Windows 10 on it and every time i plug it in my whole pc freezes up, I dont know what to do about this also it says that my warranty is expired in 2013 but like i said i just got it. If anyone can help, Thanks.

P.S its a WD10evvs-63m5bo

Are you sure that thing is new?? Look at the label for the manufacturing date.

This is a rather old model drive which was introduced something like ten years ago.

Plus, I’m not seeing these sold as new on NewEgg’s site here in the US – all I see are refurbs or third-party sellers.

Your drive is definitely not new. It’s almost a 10-year-old model!