Bought new housing for WD harddrive, but now computer won't show "My Book" folder containing files

I bought a WD 1TB hardrive. the power source failed so i purchased another WD housing.  I installed it properly into the housing and plugged in the power source and USB.  The light turns on, the hard drive clicks and when i go to My Computer it shows CD Drive (:F) WD Smartware - below this there is usually a Folder simply called “My Book” where i double click to see all of my stored files- when connected in the new housing, that folder does not appear, and if i click on CD Drive (:F) WD Smartware i get a setup message that when clicked states “this program has encountered and unexpected error and is now exiting.”

However, if i take the hardrive out of the new housing, and simply attach the original circuit board piece that attached to the harddrive to the power source of the original house, it works fine. Everything works as normal and all files appear.

I’ve bought 3 different housings. So the housing itself is not the problem. Are WD products encrypted or something preventing you from changing their housings?  I’d really like to have it back in a housing so that i can actually transport my harddrive to and from work and home- instead of having it in a bunch of pieces.

Hi, XmyBlackXdahliA

Try changing the drive letter. In Windows 7 use drive manager. I know sometimes when I connect a new device there is a conflict because both wants the same drive letter assignment. Just a thought.