Bought it. Wish there were instructions on setting it up

I just purchased 24 TB EX4100 My cloud. Have the so-called “Quick Installation Guide” with its pictographs. I spent good money on this and wish to follow instructions to the letter.

1.Do I connect power first and then connection.

I wonder what the rest of the pictographs mean. Further I went to the link shown hoping that it would have detailed instructions, but instead I got the promotional page.

Well I will just plug things in and hope for the best.

I did input no. 1. There are two plug in’s. Not sure why.

The on button. I guess I will just keep pushing until something happens.

I guess I will just connect the ethernet cable to the lap top directly and hope for the best. Or could I use a USB cable instead using one of the other ports. Thought it seems to be going well so far. Wish there were real instructions.

Plugged in ether net cable into lap top. found instructions at Probably it would be better to have some link to the or something rather than to a promotional page.

The URL where the instructions say to go to get set up software just goes to default promotional page. So I get the software where? Have no idea.

Well I am a the getting started page. Says I need a account. Wish I had done that. Window suddenly logged me out. No password. Well maybe it is already trash.

Now an error. It is helpfully given as “undefined.”

At a dead end with the so-called Quick Installation Guide. What is embarrassing about this is that I was warned not to buy this product and I did because it was the only product I could find at Frys Electronics.

Just went to next page and I put in first name, last name and email address and pres next.

Registration failed. To register your product directly with WD, click here. If you do not want to register at this time, click Next to continue. Why doesn’t this page work. Maybe it is the account I haven’t set up, which wasn’t in the initial instructions, but I am supposed to have already.

Well went through everything. Have window. I want to start saving files onto the device. I suppose random hacking will tell me what to do. Or perhaps sorting through the knowledge base hoping that I will have the right key words will do it. Perhaps there is on You Tube some instructions by someone else in a similar fix.

And when I check to see if it is on my PC I don’t see anything.

Look, you should have just asked for help and not just rushed into this.

First thing you do not plug the ethernet cable from NAS into the laptop!! You plug it into one of the router’s output ports.

No companies give user manuals in a box anymore. You have to go to, find your NAS product in Support and download the user manual from WD. Refer to it and do the setup correctly!

Not to Western Digital. Windows is up to 10. Having instructions for Windows 8.1 as the lastest OS isn’t helpful.

I did go online. I have a Windows 10 computer and the instructions talked about Windows 8.1 Also, links didn’t work and went to general pages. The online help and instructions are disorganized and not really helpful.

I like to get things done. I purchase computers and equipment to do things and not as hobbies in themselves. I don’t like to waste time, and like to do things efficiently and quickly. I suppose that is rushing.

The online phone support was good and I got things off and running. Tech Head friends had warned me not to get WD products and were amused. In the future I will have to fix things on my own since I don’t want to hear their judgement.

DO WHATEVER you want to!

I haven’t figured out if you want help with your WD product or Windows 10, but, have you looked at this?

Have you asked the community?

Since you own a EX4100 have you looked at the Learning Center?

I looked for instructions to set up my EX4100 on a Windows 10 system. Found all the WD instructions were for Windows 8.1. It isn’t a Windows 10 question. It is where are the Instructions to set up EX4100 on Windows 10. I had to call in and got things set up. So the question is now mute. I was looking online at the WD instructional material.