Both MyBook Studio II firewire and MyBook Studio suddenly defaulted and all data GONE!

I Have this:

MBP 2011, OSX Mavericks.  

Hooked up via firewire is a daisychained :

MyBook Studio 2  (6tb, 2 TB drives, i configured these to RAID 1)


MyBook studio all via firewire (3tb single) - encrypted with OSX.

photo mainimage6_zps8a1c2c30.png photo wdmybookStudio3tb_zps02e0327e.jpg

Suddenly one day, after I restarted my computer these drivers show up as “MyBook” and “EFI”  (although now it no longer shows the efi, it just shows up as mybook).  They show up as 3TB FREE.

I called tech support and they were no help at all.

“well it looks like all your data is pretty much gone, sir, I’m sorry to say”

“you mean, my RAID 1 and other single MyBook studio just decided to fail on me at the same time?”

“yes, sir”


Im so scared.  This is a lot of photos that I just lost…  the raid 1 was supposed to be my rock.  

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I’m feeling you bro, WD seem pretty, pretty, pretty, uninterested in looking in to this. 

It’s all over the internets!! 

I have exactly the same problem with „MyBook Studio Edition II (6tb, 2 TB drives,RAID 1)“ after the OSX 10.9 update on my Mac Pro!

Yesterday it worked fine, today it shows up „MyBook“ and “EFI“ and all 3 TB data are lost!!!

I think that there is a big software bug! WD please help to find the problem quickly and find a way to get the data back!

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WD has contacted, with the case “escalated” to a higher level tech support.  The guy was very good and took down all the pertinent information and it seems like they are really looking to the situation.  He said he will get back to me and the information has been forwarded to their engineers.

the story is on the front page of now

If you have experienced data loss with the following criteria then please open support cases with both Western Digital and Apple support:

  • MacOS Mavericks 10.9
  • WD Drive Manager / Raid Manager software installed
  • data loss after a restart
  • drives initialised to a single MyBook partition with exposed EFI partition
  • loss of all existing partitions and directory structures

If you are an Apple developer then please report an issue with Apple Bug Reporter and reference #15360478.