Bookmarking file locations

Hi, I’m new to the WD TV Live streaming box. I’m using a NAS and a Media UpnP Server. The NAS contains 4500 MP3 and 2500 pic in several folders (by topic, album etc.)  as well as many videos. The UpnP Server also conatins many videoas in several folders. Whenever the network is lost or I hva to switch the directory from NAS to UpnP or local USB, I’ve to navigate like **bleep**… Is there a simple way to bookmark the links cross all media?  Maybe I did not find it yet…

Thanks for feedback

Yes, you can mark “Favorites” in the dashboard for NAS files / folders.

It does NOT allow you to do this with UPnP locations, though.

thanks. so I was right with UpnP:neutral_face: