Bluray to mkv - thx anime_fan!

Anime_Fan - THANK YOU!

Pavtube ByteCopy is an awesome program! A one stop shop to get your Blurays to mkv and down to a manageable size.

People, the stickied instructions above work great, but what a butt kicking. I wish I would have read anime_fan post a few months ago!

For you dvd pioneers, do you remember the days before dvd2one??? Multiple progs (cant remember the names and dont want to) that took HOURS then you had to rebuild it all with dvd maestro. Wow! those were the days! ByteCopy is todays dvd2one in a sense.

Sure we do. In that days we already had DVD Shrink as a one-click-solution and contrary to DVD2ONE it even was free. Today’s way to go is MakeMKV.

Dvd shrink was great!  Dvd2one was released before shrink wasnt it?

To me, ByteCopy is way easier to understand than Makemkv. Its been a while since I have messed with Makemkv so maybe its better now.

Don’t remember. Shrink’s initial release was on  April 7th, 2003.

Agree about the quality and ease of use of PavTube ByteCopy as described by anime_fan in his post a while ago.   After reading his comments this past summer I checked it out right away at their website.  At that time, the program was on sale, so I bought it then for the $32 sale price.  Well worth it.  Software updates available at no extra charge.  Not as easy to use at first, but practice makes perfect once you figure out how to handle pesky audio tracks like TrueHD.

I have converted my blu-ray music performance discs with it, and now I can easily/quickly watch any part(s) of them with WDTV.  Compared the results against the original blu-ray discs and visually and sonically they are the same.

For anyone wanting to read the original posted comments about ByteCopy, they are here in this thread :