Bluray in folder and unable to play some files

Hi, i got from few days a wd tv 2014 with last firm 1.01.30 , in some folders it refuse to take the right file for a blueray in folder  or directly it skip to next file/folder.

Sometimes it refuse to play mkv’s, i must poweroff and on to make it work again.

Last thing, can i skip or jump forward or backward with any key?,  left and right key don’t make anything when playn a movie.


Press >> and then >| for a 10 min skip. If you have BD folders, you need to press PLAY on the STREAM folder. If you have to power off after MKVs, it seems to be the old bug that makes the player hang after playing a corrupt file. Once identified, you should not play those any more and don’t see issues with this.

Hi, thanks for you reply, about the BD in folder, is what is do, press play, but not always work and sometimes it get the wrong file.

Thanks again

what happens when you press “OK” on the Bluray Folder and select the Movie (the largest file) and press “OK” to play ?

kinda sounds like your ripping the entire bluray contents “movie, extras, menus and all” and dumping them into a folder … and expecting them to play in sequence … which isn’t gonna happen unfortunately.

WDTV doesn’t support Blu-Ray Menu file structure … (No Java Support) 

would be interesting if you posted a *screenshot* of your folder contents … to look at the file / name structure

Hi, BD is in folder, movie is captain america winter soldier,  movie  file is 101 (the biggest one) but if i press play on stream folder, it start o play first with file 001,. next 002, etc…

stream folder

i know that it don’t use java, but why it start with the wrong files?