BluRay HD1080p playback problems and UI slowdown!


I am playing 1080p content off an USB 1TB HDD and the 720p content works fine, but 1080p content stutters when the scene becomes complex (like snow, rain or fast movement). I checked and the HDD is not saturated, it clearly has breathing room. Is that “normal” dissability? If so, the unit should not be shipped with 1080p support as advertised.

Another thing I noticed is that when a file is reached which is broken in some way, the unit will not play it, but will remain in some weird state, where everything is slow and all other content becomes unplayable as well. The fix is to reset the settings back to factory defaults, but what I cant figure out is why doesnt simple power down/up  or reset fix the problem. Factory reset seems like an overkill.

I found the answer about VIDEO_TS requirement to playback DVD’s in this forums. What about subtitles and various audio tracks. Is there a way to have them available?

I was pleasently surprised that HDMI was automatically detected and disappointed that Windows shares are not recognized. It appears that only NFS (Unix style) is available. I tried UPnP features but only a handfull of videos is recognized by Windows Media Player. Can that be improved?


I don’t use Windows. Dislike it.

I use SMB shares though. I prefer NFS but WDTV seems to prefer SMB. Windows is famed for disliking networking. I’d suggest you check your sharing permissions.

As to the 1080p issues. I have no problem and half of my stuff is somplex 1080p encoded. It might be your encoding or some other issue.

I agree that resetting to factory defaults is a bizzare way to settling a problem. Perhaps just unplugging the unit, also not very satisfactory, would be an easier way to brake the cycle.

Would you post the details of the 1080p file that sttuters when you play it? In particular what is the bit rate of the file? I have not had any problems playing 1080p video through a wired 100mbit network, but the file is not extremely high bit rate.

I had a similar problem with needing to reset the unit with one video file that left the unit into a permanent display of the last frame of the video file. I could not get the unit to do anything after that until I reset it to factory default. I have not tried that file again with the latest “beta” firmware to see if it has been fixed; not happy to do reset of the unit again…  Al


One example of the file is  .mkv x264 L4.1 13 Mbps with  English DTS 5.1 1.5 Mbps(form TrueHD)  23.976fps 1920 x 80. In fact I could not find a 1080p file that would work without stuttering. I also tried HDMI setting of 24p and noticed DVD’s began to stutter with that, so I switched back to 1080p 50Hz. Finally also I can see the subtitles of DVD’s. Presssing play button on VIDEO_TS dir really does the job.

It would be helpfull if the info bar, would show information like:

  • framerate

  • video size

  • codec

Also found one video that would not play sound. Picture is there, but audio not and format is displayed as WMAPRO.

Is anybody able to access windows shared folders without haneWIN server or similar tools? I mean, it is the most widely installed OS :slight_smile:



Here is the final breakdown:

1.) The unit can play 1080p without skipping and stuttering, if the HDMI is left to AUTO.

This is strange, because XTreamer works here in either case, but does not detect

the HDMI output format supported by the TV automatically.

2.) Disconnecting the power cable will not get the unit out of the lock-up state after

it tried to play a broken video file for example. Reseting back to factory defaults is


3.) I tried to enable the Media Library, but after about 20 minutes the result was a new

folder on 1TB disk drive with 6MBytes of data from 600Mbytes if audio/video material

and nothing worked anymore. (Disabled the library reset back to factory defaults).

WD TV Live tries to be simple and got many things right, but it takes a few days

of hacking to figure it out. I think the biggest advantage is no fan and small box.

The biggest disadvantage is no access to windows shared folders without some

dedicated software. In general I believe that small fanless box with network

connectivity is the right way to go and that local network connectivity should be

enchanced a lot.