Blue Tooth Speaker

I have a My cloud Ex2 which works fine with my network lan to tv. I now want to use a portable battery Speaker and Blue tooth. I have been able to access my music on My cloud using the Tesco Hudle ( android) and my guess is I will then be able to use the Blue Tooth in the Hudle to play the music thru the wireless portable speaker. Is there a better way to play music files held on the My Cloud Ex2 . any suggestions appreciated.

Your question would probably be better answered in the EX2 forum, this forum is for the single bay My Cloud devices.

What app are you using to access music on the Hudl? I’ve tried many DLNA/UPnP apps, but settled on BubbleUPnP. It works well at casting to other DLNA media renderers, or local to the Hudl. But i’ve never tried a Bluetooth speaker

I recently bought a Chromecast Audio dongle (£25, Curry’s). Bubble will cast to that, too. It works very well, and offers the possibility of’ multi-room simulcast. You’d need an active speaker as well; it could be Bluetooth, as most of them seem to have a 3.5mm jack, too.

Also check what format audio the hudl bluetooth supports; earlier Bluetooth only supported relatively low sample rate, for compressed audio, but later versions support FLAC at decent sample rates.

I often play music stored on My Cloud (it doesn’t matter which My Cloud model if current enough). to mobile phone, tablets and computers, and on to a Bluetooth speaker. If you have an app on these devices that can play the music, it is a simple matter to send it via BT to a BT speaker,

Thanks - I may try BubbleUpNp looks interesting. Have managed to get the hudle2 to connect with the Audio pro Addon Ts Speaker - so can now access music and movies from the EX2 as well as listen to internet radio all without wires. Thanks

Thanks Mike - hudle 2 to speaker works fine. Now I want to find an amp that I can connect to my PC to do the same - rather than attach speaker wires.

OK, I needed to look up what a hudle 2 is. OK, got it. I have both iPad and Kindle tablets. Anyway, my favorite app for streaming media from my (Android) Kindle is the free Avia app. Streams music, photos and videos from network server for using on device or on to a BT device.