Blue Screen on startup Win 7 OS After Installing WD files

Orginally on Instal of my passport, all worked fine . Recently my OS7 totally crashed, was lucky to have info on the passport so PC guru could put it back. I have PC back now and went to hook up passport once again and it was showing something about the drive on the passport

Received several e mails for WD support , where to find software etc. Printed instructions on how correctly instal

After installing software etc , and doing reboot  ’ BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH"  AND  pc logged off ?  I unstalled all 

related to WD and rebooted

Ran the WD files again passport only back up a “partial” and quit ? passport  light  BLINKING rapidly ? so I safely disconnected passport - more e mails to WD support  now they won’t answer ?

Started PC today with passport Disconnected , all seemed normal for a few moments then BOOM , blue screen again with a warning about newly installed software 

After PC started once again,  went to  Windows UNinstall screen [again] and UNinstalled all 3 WD files …

Don’t know what to do now ?? format ? or what . Would like to use the Passport but after dwnl’ding software and blue screens , skeptical 

 thanks   …te

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

In order to get you information retrieved try manually going into the passport and on the “Smartware.swstor” you should be able to see the name of your computer and check your file inside, since you do not gt the blue screen until you install the software. Regarding the blue screen make sure you have all the latest updates on the OS to see if this is what is causing this. 

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Thanks  will give that a try and git bak to ya  …te

ArMak    I did find the file Smartware.swstor but unsure what it was telling me ?

After my crash , I found pc guru had backed up stuff and there was a folder he made 
" OLD drive"

I attempted  to contact him , if it was safe to remove that folder  but he never responded

So I took the liberty of UNinstalling it , rebooting etc . I went the procedure I found on Partitioning and format  and followed the directions 

Then back and dwnl’d the two files [under software update for windows users ", following the instructions  and it seems to working [ fingers crossed].  WD shud have a file to download ,  like some companies have , that completely removed any trace  of WD files …

I believe my pc was reading / rather- WD downloaded files  were seeing some OLD WD files in the old back up folder guru had made under "OLD DRIVE’.  After 4 trys and receiving that blue screen - seems to be working ok since I removed those old files that were in the folder guru created -allow though I never cud find them within that folder - just bunch of gibberish .

so Thanks for responding …te