Blue Screen of Death

Windows Vista/IE 9/Chrome firt time login on the laptop

Sign into -all good

Get network password prompt - all good

processes, java loads, I get prompted to allow the “webdavregistryupdater” to run.  Click OK, I get the blue screen of death.  Doesn’t seem to care what browser.  This seems to be an issue with the first-time run registry update as I can access the shares just fine on another computer.

Any way for me to run the registry update manually?

Thanks for any input…

Not that I’m aware off dude

this is the first time I heard BSOD and WD 2Go on the same sentence

Installed fine when booted under safe mode with network support.

Just to understand what you mean. (because I have the same problem)

1 - You boot in safe mode with network support.

2 - You did the steps decrib before (about the webdavregistryupdater)

3 - There is no crash
4- You did a normal reboot

and everything is fine?