Blue light and quick yellow on brand new drive

The drive was acting up after I used it for a while. I am thinking of returning it to CompUSA and get it exchanged. The problem is after I changed the static IP back to the default which is DHCP it got even slower on the web interface till the unit stopped working. Now its only on the blue light and sometimes yellow with a quick flash. 

It appears as if the drive cannot boot or it attempts but it can’t. Any way to solve this?

I need to get the data off of the drive itself. How can you trust something that fails so easily with your DATA!???

Need help and I wish this can be solved without an exchange. I need to get the data out of the drive.

go into your router and find out what IP it assigned the drive, and then type that IP into your browser and see if you can see the drive.

make sure your dns knows how to route mybooklive so you can map to the drive.

I’ve found it’s just easiest to reserve a DHCP address for the mbl.

if it can’t boot it can’t get an ip assigned.

It’s mac address is not appearing on the dhcp table.

the small reset button on the back of the drive will reset network setting and admin password, but not affect your data, so that might be worth a try.


If it’s not booting, it’s not getting an IP address from the DHCP.

I wish to know if RMA is the only solution.