Blue folder icon and shuffle play

Good evening, I hope everybody had a good New Year.

Two questions.

  1. I have my music on HD in folders such as this.  Music > Artist Name > Album Name.  In each of the Artist Name folder, I have a folder.jpg for the name of the artist or group.  When I show my music in the gallery, the thumbnail shows up just fine, but I have a blue little folder over the top of the.  How do I get rid of the blue little folder.
  2. How can I play all of my music in shuffle mode?  It seems I can only play shuffle mode for each album.

Thank you in advance

Ok, the little blue folder means that it is playing from a folder, which I assume that are filtering your Music by folder.  The only real way to get rid of it is to probably edit the theme.  Or select a different way to filter your music.

As for playing all your music in shuflle, you will probably have to make a playlist.  I haven’t gotten as far as making playlist yet, so I can’t tell you if that will work or not.

I can tell you that you can play all your music if you filter you music by selecting “All Tracks”, however, you can’t shuffle the music that way.