Blue 6TB - cant install to problem pc


Hi, this is stumping me…just got a wd 6tb blue…installs via SATA to my pc, mo problem as expected…
however, its intended for another pc, same windows 10…
as soon as I connect drive in same way, with same cables, pc wont even boot to bios…just blank screen.
so then disconnect, and pc boots fine…(window 10 OS on SSD) when I add back in the sata drive once booted up, the hard drive light is flashing faintly on the pc, like it is trying to mount the drive…new drive wont show up in disk management either…Ive tried different power connectors, it has a 700w power supply so should be more than enough…I’m running out of ideas to try now…Any help would be greatly appreciated…many thanks,


Does the PC with Windows 10 where you’re having the trouble support UEFI ? which supports large hard drives over 2TB

Might be an idea to compare the 2 computers BIOS if they are Legacy or UEFI


Thanks for your help Joey, computer that it works in has detected boot environment of EFI…
so ive now changed the bios setting from legacy on the problem pc, which now allows me to add in the drive once booted up, and it mounts as expected…however still wont boot with the drive connected, so I think I need to check the bios settings further…cheers, Matt


Just to clarify, on the problem PC …

(A) is the Blue 6TB the “Boot” drive ?

(B) or is the SSD with Windows 10 on it “Boot” drive ? and you’re just using the Blue 6TB as storage ?

dunno, just thinking if (B) the Sata Boot Configuration Ports 1,2,3,4 etc in the BIOS could be trying to boot to the 6TB (without an OS) instead of the SSD (with an OS) … which might explain when you remove the 6TB the PC boots fine.


Answer B Windows 10 OS is on the ssd…
Agree that was my first thought, pc might be trying to boot from 6tb…but can’t access bios with drive connected to check boot priority…


maybe try creating a bootable usb drive ?

ie. without the 6TB connected, create one following the instructions in the link below … shutdown, connect the 6TB, boot to usb and select Advanced Options > Startup Repair


Thank you, I will try that route…im beginning to suspect the OS is a mess,…its an upgrade from Windows 7, and there is a fair bit of junk on the ssd…i will give the start up repair a try, and failing that source a full version of Windows 10 and do a clean install…


Many thanks for your help Joey… all sorted now thank you…couldnt do a start up repair, as computer wouldn’t get to intial boot screen or bios with drive connected. However, a quick format of the new drive and it’s all good now. Yaaaay…why I didn’t think of that before…so simple !