Blu-ray rips stutter from shares, run great from media server?

I just got this WD live media player.

A blu-ray rip of avatar stutters after the first 30 seconds and loses audio any time I play it from a server share.

The exact same file runs perfectly if I play it through a media server like windows media center or ps3 media server.

Anyone know why this is? I would love to be able to completely skip the media server and run off server shares.

For some reason it is obviously bandwidth limited when running from a server share, but not when running from a media server.

My WD live plus is hard wired.

Please!, any help would be hot.

Well, you hit it on the head – Samba shares in the Live won’t play a certain bitrate.

Re-encode Avatar to a more sensible rate (mine is around 17mbps and is indistinguisable from the original blu-ray and runs very well indeed on my wired network shares).

I would prefer not to ever re-encode, space is not an issue for me, but time is, and I prefer to keep 1-1 backups of my blu-rays.  Is there any downside to using a media server vs network shares? Does the o!play have the same limitation as the WD media player in regards to being bandwidth limited on network shares?

I really don’t want to shell out for an overpriced under serviced chinese popcorn hour.

Your BD Rip of Avatar has to be the same as mine, right?    Though I’ve already re-encoded (to save space) I do remember that I was able to play it BEFORE I re-encoded it, too.

Double check your network connections.   You may have a bad connection.    Last week, one of my Switch to Switch links switched from 100/FULL to 10/HALF.   That wrecked my ability to watch any DVDs or Blu-Ray MKVs.   It took me HOURS to figure out what had happened.   I reset the switch, and all was well with the world again.

Check EVERY PORT from end to end and make sure they’re all negotiating 100/FULL (by checking whatever LEDs are available on your hardware.)

Thanks tony, but I don’t think it can  be a physical bandwidth issue, or it would have the same stutter even through a media server.

Depends on whether your Media Server is transcoding or not…

It is not.  Just using windows media center to stream. Not doing any transcoding at all.