Blu Ray / DVD direct from PC Drive

Can I play a Blu Ray disc through the WDMP+ directly from the Blu Ray drive in my computer simply by sharing the drive,  Preferably over a Wireless-N network?   Or do I HAVE to rip it to the PC?


Hmmm.   That’s a good question.

If the BD is unencrypted, it will probably work (assuming that there’s enough network bandwidth to serve the files.)

But since most BD’s are encrypted, I doubt that would work (since it’d also be able to COPY the files if you can stream them.)

Then, even if it will let you stream the files, BD content can be mangled in such a way that simply playing the M2TS files will NOT play the movie correctly.   In order to play these movies, the device has to interpret the PLAYLIST files, which the WDTV does not do.

And in any event, ALL it would be able to do is play the M2TS files; the menus and rich content would not be available.