Blu-ray/AVCHD iso

Can any one tell me if WD TV Live can play “blu-ray/AVCHD iso” file?

Source…: HD 1080p Bluray
Re-encoder…: HD-R-US
Format…: HD 1080p Bluray / AVCHD
Video…: x264 (3-pass) / 5519kbps (average)
Resolution…: 1920 x 1080
Audio…: English / ac3 / 6 Channels / 640kbps

File size = 4.36GB


In order for the WD TV Live play an ISO file, it needs to have the video codec MPEG1/2, the AVCHD uses the codec  MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), so, officially is not supported.

But this player have give me several surprises, including playing files “not supported”.

x264 is an H.264 encoder, so it should work (assuming the ISO’s file structure is compatibile with the WD TV. Some authoring utilities generate ISO file structures that are not readable by the WD TV.)

so that begs the question, what blu-ray authoring software will generate a .ISO structure that the WD TV Live can read?

Thanks. WD TV Live is playing the above file without any flaws :smiley:

Using FW 1.04.10 with Sony Bravia EX-400 LCD connected via HDMI 1.3c