Blu Ray and Live Hub

Hi Folks - I have been able to rip a number of Blu Ray movies i own over to the Live hub and found that most of them work from the mt2s file type, however there are some movies that when they run the mt2s files either start playing the movie half way through or start ok but then go into a fast forward mode even though the play back is at normal speed.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour before?

Blu Rays were ripped using AnyDVD, current version.

thanks in advance for any insight that you may be able to share 

Yes.   It’s due to how those BD’s are authored.

Many blu-rays just shove the whole movie into a single M2TS file.

Many others (like Pixar and Disney for example) make heavy use of the Playlist function of the BD structure, where the movie is divided into chunks and scattered randomly in MANY different m2ts files.   UP! is a good example of the latter.

Since the WD’s don’t support BD menu or playlist navigation, you’ll have to modify the files so that the main movie is all in a single m2ts.

Thanks for that info.

That’s right. I have ever suffered the same problem:cry:

Adjusting Blu-ray menu can solve this but WD actually read the blu-ray structure from ISO and MKV- at least my Live plus does. Anyway I recommend you choose MKV because when playing ISO with WD TV it will not allow you to select chapters. Here’s a guide of Blu-ray to MKV ripping for WD TV Live here.  Hope it helps. :smiley: