Blinking Blue Power Light - Functioning MyCloudEX2Ultra with no Alerts - solved

If you are suffering from a blinking blue power light on an otherwise functioning MyCloud Ex2 Ultra with no Alerts try toggling the LEDs Off/On from Settings/Energy Saver, mine went from blinking back to solid and has stayed solid.

MyCloudEX2Ultra 2 Bay NAS - Firmware 5.22.113
macOS Monterey 12.3.1
Chrome Version 102.0.5005.61
iOS 15.5
My Cloud OS 5 4.19.0 (1954)

My unit (the same model) has also had the power LED blinking but seems to have stopped without any action… It would be good to know what is causing this issue. Cheers. Mime

Thats a tough one without a bit more info!

Have you get your Alert settings (Settings/Notifications/Notification Display) set to Critical Only, Critical and Warning or All? All may help dig a bit deeper. If you have no Alerts and the Disks/RAIDD report healthy (Home/Diagnostics) then check the Logs (Settings/Utilities/System Diagnostics). If all clear then don’t worry about it!!

If you haven’t already I strongly suggest you have the unit on a Power Surge Protection device

Hi Jonothan. Sorry for the very slow response - and thanks for your message. I have not been getting any Alerts and the disks seem fine. I think it relates to a checking activity so I am relaxed about it. The other good thing is that I have had to learn more about controlling the system and noted the Adonis software which is now installed :). Cheers. Mike

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