Blinking amber after firmware update Gen1

Hello all. Looks like lots of good info here, but I’m not quite sure where to start.

I have two WD My Cloud gen1 units, a 3TB and a 2TB, that have been working fine without issue.
I updated the firmware on my 2TB to v04.05.00-342 without issue. I went to update the 3TB unit and after the restart it is stuck at the blinking amber light.
I’ve read that it is supposedly due to a network issue, but I can connect to the web interface and login, but then it is stuck on “Initializing”.
I’ve performed the Reset (power off, hold reset, power on and hold reset for 40 seconds) but no change, other than the IP address going back to DHCP-assigned instead of previously static set.
I do have a backup of the data, but it’s in the cloud and will take some time to download, so I’d like to recover the drive, if possible.
Where to start?
For example, I’ve seen this recovery process, but I’m unclear if it clears the disk contents or not:

I left it powered off for a bit, then powered it back on and let it sit.
The blinking amber stopped (LED off completely), and I can access the web GUI.
It took me through the initial setup steps, but at the Home screen, it shows 0 KB Free, and of course all the Users and Shares are cleared.

Is the data still on the disk?
If I re-create the users and shares, will the data be intact?

Try doing a System Only restore on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities > System Factory Restore and see if that fixes the 0KB free issue.

System Only reverts system settings to their default values, but retains user data and shares.

Thanks. It looks like the drive is back (shares are restored, and data appears to be intact).

It appears to be a bit sluggish in response in the GUI, so I assume it’s still performing some cleanup/initialization in the background.

It may be sluggish for a while if you have a lot of files on the drive. Typically the My Cloud operating system will rescan or reindex the files, and if you have media serving enabled, the Twonky Media Server will also rescan/reindex all the media files.