Black2 Dual Drive for Mac

When will there be a Mac version of this drive? It’s exactly what I need for my MacBook Pro. 


Hi luke79, you can make the suggestion in the ideas board. Check the link below.


I’m looking to buy the Black² for my MacBook pro, and i don’t really understand what’s wrong with mac ? 

If it’s just Mac osx the problem, can i use the Black² on my Macbook with Windows ? 

Hi the only reason a black 2 drive would not work on a mac is. To install this drive you install windows to the ssd portion of the drive once windows is installed you have to use the WD Black installer for windows to get access to the 1 tb portion of the drive. I do not see a mac version of this software. 

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Thanks for the answer. 

So if i put the black² in my MacBook using windows, will there be no hardware issues ? 

Hammey means that you need to have Windows in order to unlock the 1 TB portion of the drive. After the drive is unlocked you can then put it into your Mac and install the Mac OS over the Windows install. You have to make sure not to change the partitions, just reformat them to the Mac format.