Black Mamba 1.5 work with newest firmware fro WDTV Live?

will black mamba 1.5 work with the newest firmware for the WDTV Live?

I am using it with the latest FW and it seems to work great


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when i am connecting the wdtv live to the 4 tb NAS drive everytime i use it, will the Black Mamba automatucally start up/bootup  or do i need to manually  set it up when wanting to access movies/photos etc?

Not really sure of your question. Black Mamba is a theme written by Devicious that simply changes the look and feel of your HUB from the generic theme that come with it by default. Your HUB will act the same regardless of which theme you are using.

I have multipe network sources that my HUB connects to. The media library keeps the connections fine for me, or you can access them via network shares. You will be in the same situation with your NAS